Virtual World Premiere!

In January 2021, Bedford Trio adjudicated the first edition of University of Toronto piano trio composition competition. We were truly impressed by the diversity of creativity and the high caliber of the composition students. In the two reading sessions, we got to play through the submissions and interact with the students and faculty members. Even though due to the ongoing situation, we couldn't give a live premiere of the winning piece by the talented fellow Katharine Petkovski, we were able to produce a video ourselves and share the world premiere with audiences near and far! We are grateful to the University of Toronto New Music Festival for organizing the world premiere and to Ms. Irene R. Miller, our sponsor, and the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music for their generous support!

2020-21 Winter Project

"Singing Classical Chinese Poetry"

Jialiang invites you on a journey of exploring poetry from thousands of years ago and freshly set to music by composers in the last 100 years. This lecture recital celebrates timeless and universal subjects such as love, women, and reflection on life. The song selections are written by composers from diverse Chinese-speaking communities around the globe and are interpreted by a team of both native and non-native Mandarin speaking musicians. Regardless of your cultural, ethnic and linguistic background, you will certainly be able to resonate with the universal human emotions—longing, suffering, hope, fear, nostalgia.

Socially Distanced, Musically Together
Nothing can stop us from creating arts together

2021 Valentine's Day Special Edition


Dear friend and fantastic violinist Alessia Disimino and Jialiang present you a little musical gift, in which we mix two of our favourite tunes. We wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and keep well!

Piano Duet with Oneself – 
Dvorak Slavonic Dances Op.72 No.2 in E minor

Toronto fashion boutique Zvelle headed an online campaign called “Healthcare Heroes” in April-June, during which they sent beautiful shoes as gifts to female healthcare workers who are fighting day and night at the front line for all of us. Meanwhile, Zvelle invited multiple female artists, including Jialiang, to join their initiative and create something to share with friends. Jialiang thought of how much she missed her friends and missed making music with them. The desire to connect with others inspired her to record this piano duet excerpt with herself playing both parts. This is a special way to cherish the friendship and warm memories with her friends. Special thanks to her partner Yang for recording and editing the video. 

Our Message to You

What you see in this video was the Bedford Trio's first attempt to make music together but remotely in the beginning of the lockdown. 2020 has been an uncertain and turbulent time. From the wild fire in Australia, the Ukraine plane crash, to COVID-19 global outbreak, the George Floyd case and police force brutality, and to the massive anti-racism protests, the world seems to become more and more devastated. The Bedford Trio members wanted to share this solidarity video with you: Keep looking up and stay strong, no amount of social distancing or injustice can keep us part. We are standing by you and sending our best wishes to you and your loved ones.

Solo Performances




Humoreske, Op.20, by Robert Schumann 

Jialiang & Friends