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Jialiang is an enthusiastic educator. She believes that everyone can enjoy music and can build important life skills through learning music. Witnessing the students' growth in their individual ways is one of the most rewarding experiences for her. She is a member of the Chamber Music Faculty at the Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy of the Royal Conservatory of Music, where she also accompanies young instrumentalists and vocalists for their recitals and competitions. Previously, she taught at the Royal Conservatory Music Instruments Exploration Camp,  U of T Piano Pedagogy Program, WizzKidz Yamaha Music School, where she worked with students from elementary to graduate levels. She taught the Keyboard Skills Class to undergraduate non-keyboard majors at U of T’s Faculty of Music, where she helped her students develop new skillsets while exposing them to a variety of repertoire from diverse cultures. She always strives to help students establish a solid technical foundation and deepen their connection with music. Meanwhile, she guides students in areas including music theory, sight-reading, improvisation, and composition to help them build holistic musicianship.


No matter what a student' age or background is, Jialiang always strives to help them build a solid technical foundation, with which they can express their musical ideas and feelings. She is well-versed in guiding students in how to interpret the music through integrating the knowledge of harmony, form, history, and stylistic features. Many of her students have achieved first-class honours in RCM and ARSM exams and received awards in local music competitions and festivals. Besides private teaching, she has extensive experience in group music teaching. During her work at the U of T Piano Pedagogy Program and WizzKidz School, she taught solfege singing, sight-reading, ensemble playing, keyboard harmony, composition, and improvisation. In 2014, she led workshops on visual art-inspired keyboard improvisation at the Yamaha Junior Original Concert Music Camp in Whistler, BC. As a coach, she regularly works with undergraduate instrumental and vocal students to help them prepare for recitals and juries. 

Jialiang believes that it is never too early or too late to start learning music. She wants to help each student develop their unique potential and discover more joy in music. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact her HERE.

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